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Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup 已结束

Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup

比赛时间: 2018年06月16日 06:00 - 2018年06月16日 13:00
报名时间: 2018年04月01日 00:00 - 2018年06月14日 17:00

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY


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  • Pro / Cat. 1-2-3


    2018年06月16日06:00 开赛

  • Category 4


    2018年06月16日06:00 开赛

  • Category 5


    2018年06月16日06:00 开赛

Kissena Cycling Club

Brooklyn, NY, Sat Jun 16, 2018

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About The Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup Series

This race is Round 4 of the 2018 Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup.   The Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup links the Kissena Cycling Club Prospect Park Series into an overall competition with leader kits and overall prizes awarded to the winners of the Pro/1-2-3 and Category 4 events. There are also separate Sprint, KOM and Best Master competitions for the Pro/1-2-3 and Category 4 races.  There is no overall competition for the Category 5 event.

Click here for detailed information on how points are scored for each competition, prizes and Frequently Asked Questions

Start/Finish Location

The Start/Finish and registration area is located at the 3rd Street location at Prospect Park West.  This is the same location we every year - about a 1/4 mile past the main hill and Grand Army Plaza.


  • NOTE: The field limits are strictly enforced and most fields have filled up in the past.  Pre-register online to guarantee a spot in your race.  It's not a good feeling to wake up at 4AM only to find out your race is full at registration.

  • Day of race registration (if there are still spots left) is $45

  • The pre-registered line moves much faster in the morning so register online and spend less time waiting in line and more time getting ready to race! 

  • Masters, Women and Juniors race with their category.  Junior entry fee is $5. 

  • For those without a USA Cycling Racing license ONE-DAY LICENSES are available on the day of the event at a cost of $10 .  Please note that one-day licenses can be purchased only by unlicensed or Category 5 Men or unlicensed or Category 4 women.


  • Promoter reserves the right to shorten race distances due to weather conditions and/or time constraints.

  • Promoter reserves the right to cancel, combine fields and/or reduce prize money if minimum fields are not met.

Course Description

3.4 mile loop along the park roadway in Prospect Park. The course features one moderate (big ring) hill and sweeping turns. Although the course is closed to traffic, you will frequently encounter other park users (pedestrians, cyclist etc.), on the park roadway. For this reason all competitors are advised to stay alert and be polite to other park users. 


Riders must not enter the "recreation" lane (aka jogger's lane) on the left side of the roadway for any reason.  Any rider entering this lane, even momentarily, will be disqualified and suspended by USA Cycling and will not be permitted to race in NY Parks for three months and will not be permitted to race in any Kissena Cycling Club event in Prospect Park for one year.


  • Pro / Cat. 1-2-3
  • Category 4
  • Category 5




  • Pro / Cat. 1-2-3
  • Category 4
  • Category 5


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