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Tres Amigos Challenge 已结束

Tres Amigos Challenge

比赛时间: 2018年06月09日 08:00 - 2018年10月06日 08:30
报名时间: 2018年04月25日 00:00 - 2018年06月07日 23:59

Dublin, Granbury, Glen Rose, TX


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    2018年06月09日08:00 开赛

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    2018年06月09日08:00 开赛

Tres Amigos Challenge

Dublin, Granbury, Glen Rose, TX, Sat Jun 9 - Sat Oct 6, 2018


Event Notes

Register for the 2nd Annual Tres Amigos Challenge! Three great rides - one registration. 

The organizers of these three central Texas rides are a friendly bunch and we wanted to provide that camaraderie for our riders as well. 

Registration for the Tres Amigos entitles you to participate in all three rides with one registration. You’ll receive t-shirts and swag from each ride. And when you complete the (nearly isoceles) triangle through Erath, Hood, and Somervell counties you’ll earn a special long-sleeved t-shirt to wear when you flaunt your bragging rights. When you submit your registration, be sure to select your route length for each ride and t-shirt size.


The Tour de Agua will be held in Dublin on 6/9/17. Ride starts at 8am.

(We're having a Kickoff Party, too, on Friday evening, 6/8.)

The Blazin’ Saddle 75 will be held in Granbury on 8/4/17. Ride starts at 7:30am.

The Careflite Paluxy Pedal will be held in Glen Rose on 10/6/17. Ride starts at 8:30am.

Visit the ride websites for information on specific routes and options. You can also visit 





image.pngThree Great Rides





Challenge registration for an individual rider is $110, which includes all three rides, swag and t-shirts from each ride, and your special long-sleeved t-shirt for completing the Challenge. 

Proceeds from the Tour de Agua benefit Kids Across Cultures and will be used for health, education, and clean water initiatives for children and families around the world.

Proceeds from the Blazin' Saddle 75 benefits Texas EMS organizations. 

Proceeds from the CareFlite Paluxy Pedal will benefit the LDL Educational Resources Foundation, supporting education, health and environmental projects for the people of Somervell and adjacent counties.



Providing all riders with the safest possible environment is our priority. All riders will be required to wear a helmet and follow all biking and traffic laws. Riders have the same rights and duties as those operating motor vehicles. Please remember that these routes are not closed courses. Ride with caution.



Registration for this challenge online through midnight on 6/7. You may also register in person at the Tour de Agua on the evening of 6/8 & or by 8am on 6/9. Challenge registrations will end at 8am on 6/9. After that date, you may still sign up individually for the remaining two rides.

T-shirt deadline for Tour de Agua is 5/21/17 at midnight. After that, TDA shirts are first-come first-serve until we run out. If you register for the challenge between 5/22-6/9, you'll still get a shirt for the Blazin' Saddle 75 and the Paluxy Pedal. 


*Registration payment is non-refundable for any reason, other than cancellation of the event prior to the scheduled day of the event. Failure to participate in the event for any reason will not result in refund. Refunds will not occur should weather conditions or other “acts of nature” result in cancellation the day of the event.

Presented by Tour de Agua, Blazin' Saddle 75, Paluxy Pedal 


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